Who we are

The National Platform is made up of leaders from across industry who ensure that research reflects real industry needs. We draw our members from a wide range of backgrounds, both within the commercial sector, research and academia. Our members engage with research funders and give the National Platform a single powerful voice for the built environment industry.

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What we do

The National Platform believes strategic, collaborative research is a vital catalyst for long-term, industry improvement. We work across industry to identify and define R&D priority areas and influence both UK and European Commission research funders. 

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The sector

Construction and the built environment sector represents around 20% of the country’s GDP and is fundamental to the social and economic wellbeing of the nation. It provides the infrastructure for the rest of the economy and influences all aspects of our quality of life.


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Strategic research

The National Platform promotes strategic, collaborative research because this is a vital catalyst for long-term, industry improvement. Our activity aligns with the European Construction Technology Platform's European Strategic Research Agenda.


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Our outputs

The National Platform evaluates current stakeholder opinion and publishes the outputs of its activities, whether they are the results of surveys, research reports or scoping studies.


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Constructing Excellence